Robyn Moore

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  Robyn is an experienced researcher and writer who believes that strong and engaging research is a motivator for positive change. Hence, her freelance work leans towards (but is not limited to) projects aligned with her research objectives - managing resources and development interests more collaboratively and sustainably.

Research Interests
Robyn's research explores ways to shape more sustainable enterprises and communities, as evident in her recently completed Masters thesis: Shaping more sustainable communities: a case study in urban water management [download PDF 3.7MB]. This year-long systems study used decision-making frameworks and stakeholder theory to understand and deal with water security and related issues facing communities on the Kapiti Coast and in Eastern Marlborough. The study inspired collaborative engagement with District Councillors and others that identified a workable solution (now part of the 2009 LTCCP) to a long-standing and complex environmental problem.